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Barrel pilot Lamp

Barrel Type Pilot Lights (BPL) has variants from 6 V AC/DC to 240 V AC & 22O V DC. Four Super Bright Coloured LED which collectively give maximum Lux values. The design of Lenses & Reflector is done in such a way that the emitting light will have a wider visibility. All component in Pilot Lights are PCB Mounted & tight fit in terminals made up of brass provide a strong & tougher grip to PCB. Back cover is provided in the same color of the pilot light. This will ease the task of a person while fixing wire at the backside of Panel.

Key Features

  • Viewable in direct sunlight

  • Viewable from all directions

  • The use of an ultra-bright LED that is not susceptible to external scattered light ensures high visibility and provides for more accurate recognition

  • Integrated terminal cover to prevent electrical shocks.

  • Coloured and clear lenses are offered

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